Connecting Rural Canada

We Build and Operate Fast, Reliable Fiber Networks So Rural Canada Can Thrive

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Let’s Build a Better Canada

If Canada is going to thrive, compete, and build back better, the people and businesses in rural communities need fast, reliable fiber internet networks.

Modernize Oil and Agriculture to Boost the Economy

Provide Equal Access to Healthcare, Education, and Employment

Ensure a Strong Rural Future for the Next Generation

Fiber Internet Services for your Business

At Canadian Fiber Optics, we believe rural Canada deserves equal access to the economic and social benefits of the internet. Unlike other companies, we focus only on connecting rural Canadian communities and enterprises with high-speed fiber networks.

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We’re Building a Better Canada by…

Using fiber technology that provides faster, more reliable connections with no data caps

Funding select projects so small communities don’t have to shoulder the costs alone

Utilizing flexible funding models that reduce the need for government funding and expedite progress

Funding, designing, constructing, and operating our networks in-house to reduce the risks and costs for communities and enterprises

Designing unique solutions that make sense for building fiber networks in rural, rocky terrain

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A Simple Plan for Smarter Connectivity

Wireless solutions aren’t the only solutions for rural Canada.
We make rural fiber networks possible with a three-step plan for connecting communities and enterprises.

Step 1

Community Collaboration

We collaborate with enterprise and community leaders to ensure any network we build will be financially viable, better residents’ lives, and boost the economy.

Step 2

Network Design

Instead of using a cookie-cutter network design across projects, we design unique solutions based on the challenges and opportunities in each rural area.

Step 3

Network Rollout

We build our networks and manage operations in-house to keep residents and businesses connected to fast, reliable internet with better customer service.

Wireless solutions aren’t the only solutions for rural Canada.
We make rural fiber networks possible with a three-step plan for connecting communities and enterprises.

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Connecting Rural Canada

Canadian Fiber Optics did what they said they would do. Their contract terms were clear and they delivered slightly ahead of schedule and right on budget, we’ll use them again.

Mark Halwa, CEO, PodTech Innovation Inc.

“High-speed internet is a need-to-have versus a nice-to-have for our residents and businesses, which is why we approved the broadband strategy and are investing up to $7.3 million for the pilot project area. Sturgeon County is very excited to be working with Canadian Fiber Optics to help fulfill Council’s vision for a connected community. Their experience with rural connectivity solutions and appreciation of the challenges faced by rural communities made them a clear front-runner for the Sturgeon County broadband project.”

Alanna Hnatiw, Mayor, Sturgeon County

“Our team was experiencing internet problems, then we found Canadian Fiber Optics, which quickly resolved our connectivity issues, and our business began to increase. We highly recommend Canadian Fiber Optics if your business is facing similar problems. It changed everything for us!”

Ken Wittig, Northstar Hydrovac

“The introduction to fibre in our community has added such a relief for our team. Not to mention how it allows our community to bring in more business and industry. THANK YOU for investing in our community.”

James Miles, Owner, Kenny's Place

“This project from Canadian Fiber Optics means that for the residential and business communities of Valleyview, new opportunities are available in education, innovation, and growth. Every investment that helps overcome the urban-rural divide is important and I’m excited to see this project move forward.”

Nate Glubish, Service Alberta Minister, Government of Alberta

“CFOC will not only speed up connectivity services for all existing businesses and residents alike with no interruptions or slow service through a 10 Gbps fiber optic network, it will also set our community up for growth opportunities enabling local and global commercial and industrial companies the ability to compete at international levels.  Here’s to our future as the Town is ready for all opportunities – we are open for business!!”

Vern Lymburner, Mayor, Town of Valleyview

Case Studies of a Better Rural Future

See what’s possible when rural Canada gets access to fast, reliable fiber internet. Enter your information below to request a case study of one of our rural network projects.