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We Believe in Rural Canada

Rural Canada is home to tight-knit communities, resilient small businesses, and enterprises critical to the Canadian economy.

But if rural Canada is going to survive, thrive, and compete economically, the people and businesses in these communities need fast, reliable internet networks.

That’s why we fund, design, build, and operate fiber networks to get Canada connected faster, with fiber technology and fewer government dollars.

We Invest in Rural Canada

While many large telecoms shy away from rural communities, we’re committed to building fiber networks only in rural Canada. And because we believe small municipalities shouldn’t have to shoulder all the costs of building a network, we have flexible funding models and even fund many of our projects ourselves.

We build with fiber instead of wireless technology because it’s faster, more reliable, and has no data caps.

We shield rural Canada from unnecessary risks and costs by building and installing our networks ourselves.

We own and operate fiber networks in the rural agricultural communities and hard, Rocky Mountain terrain other service providers avoid.

We Lead in Rural Canada

Our team is committed to leading rural Canada into a better, brighter future.

Arjen Kaput
Co-Founder and CEO
Jodi Bloomer
Co-Founder and Chief Business Development Officer
Cameron Mitchell
Chief Financial Officer
Lloyd Alberts
General Manager - Construction
Johann Reimer
Director Sales & Marketing
Jayson Jorgenson
Director of Operations

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