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Introducing Northern Lights Fiber

We want to invest in your community and empower you to play an active role in Canada’s digital economy. At Canadian Fiber Optics we believe that everyone should have access to high-speed internet and reliable connectivity. You deserve the ability to live and work effectively in our digital landscape, and the confidence in a network that allows you to plan for Canada’s future.

By launching unique microsites for each new community we enter, we provide clear communication and better customer service to every resident and business owner we connect – allowing us to better tailor our services to each unique community we serve.

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The town of Beaverlodge is a perfect location for many Albertans and businesses who enjoy the proximity to a larger population centre, such as Grande Prairie, while still enjoying small town living and cost of living. By adding broadband connectivity to Beaverlodge’s long list of benefits we aim to empower new businesses, develop a vibrant remote work environment and add e-commerce to local business activity. We believe Beaverlodge will thrive with this new connectivity and cannot wait to see what the coming years hold.

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High Prairie

Our newest fiber to the home Project, High Prairie is rife with small businesses and local industry. A bustling rural community with a deep desire for gig enabled infrastructure. With fiber construction kicking off in the near future, High Prairie will see services up to 5000x faster than anything previously thought possible. This Infrastructure will bring economic diversity, new innovation of business practices and opportunities to work remotely – even operate a business entirely from home. We’re so excited to see where High Prairie will go now that connectivity won’t be getting in the way!

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A bustling business and travel community – Valleyview’s need for high-speed future proof connectivity was great. With our 10-gig enabled infrastructure, Valleyview’s business and residential community now enjoys internet that is up to 5000x faster than anything previously thought possible. With this new infrastructure Valleyview’s diverse economy is poised to tackle new Canadian Industry head on, by attracting new business and further diversifying the towns deep skillsets.

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Grande Cache

Prior to our involvement in Grande Cache, the hamlet was unable to connect to viable internet with which to run their business, attend distance learning or simply stream a movie. Grande Cache now has access to gigabit speeds for their homes and businesses, with their vibrant community enjoying a more connected lifestyle.

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The town of Wembley has long lived in a state of underdevelopment and underinvestment, making it difficult to justify business growth and diversification of this small community. Our investment will not only empower the residents of the community for generations to come but will bring with it the ability to engage new businesses, retail opportunities and e-commerce. We believe Wembley can become a thoroughly contributing satellite of Grande Prairies bustling economy.

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Sturgeon County

Our journey with Sturgeon County and connecting its many communities began with many people’s expression of interest in partnering with us on our mission. Through many voices and the interest of its community members, Sturgeon County is now our newest and biggest project to date! Beginning this project fulfils our belief that every business deserves access to this infrastructure no matter how rural or remote you are.

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Fairview is known as a vibrant, progressive community – actively supporting business development, industry, recreation and more which makes it a great place to live, work and play. Now, we are pleased to advance the infrastructure in the community by providing access to fiber optic internet services which will deliver the much-needed connectivity to the community’s residents, businesses and government. 

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Expansion into Sexsmith – a growing community in rural Alberta – means providing much needed connectivity to the residents and businesses in the area. Filled with rich traditions, Sexsmith has been intentional about preserving their history while also focusing on moving forward to advance the community and remain competitive. Fiber optic internet services will play a key and vital role in the future of this bustling community.

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Millet is a charming town located in Alberta, Canada with origins tracing back to a railroad settlement in the late 19th century. Now, with the addition of fast and reliable fiber optics internet, local to international connectivity will be vast improved. This tranquil town that boasts a rich history, a tight-knit community, and a scenic environment, making it an appealing place for both residents and visitors seeking a slower-paced, rural but connected lifestyle.

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The Town of Calmar is the real deal — boasting all natural access to deep lakes, deep sunsets, and even deeper connections to people, to land, and to local business and recreational opportunities. Calmar is also creating deeper connections in terms of connectivity via the internet. Northern Lights Fiber is construction a 100% fiber network to help maintain connections within Calmar and beyond.

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Coming soon

We will continue to announce the numerous community projects that our business development team is working on, but we still have a few things to do before then. We are always looking at new communities to build in and we can come to your community too – fill out our community invite button below and reach out to your local government to let them know you need fiber!

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