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The Future Runs on Fiber

Wireless technology isn’t the enemy. After all, it’s gotten our oil, gas, and other rural industries this far!
But modern technological advancements require something better. Your company needs internet that can keep up without going down. Your company needs reliable, secure, high-speed connectivity. Your company needs fiber.

Stay Connected, Stay Working, Stay Profitable

Compete in the International Marketplace and Drive Growth

Secure the Future of Oil, Gas, and Other Rural Industries

Networks Built for Better Business

We believe Canada deserves to stay competitive in the tech-driven modern marketplace.
That’s why we design, build, and operate reliable, high-speed fiber networks for industries in rural locales.

✓ Save Money – Fiber eliminates tower engineering and construction costs on the front end and reduces maintenance costs for years to come, making it more cost-effective than wireless technology over time.

✓ Reduce Outages – Profits go down when networks do. Fiber is extremely reliable with higher bandwidth and lower latency, so you can keep your business up and running.

✓ Scale with Ease – Fiber scales up and down with the flip of a switch. Get the connection you need for all the technology you’re using today and the technology of tomorrow that will keep you competitive for decades to come.

Connect to Enterprise-Class Fiber Internet

We simplify and manage the entire process, making it extremely easy for you to get the fiber network your company needs.

Step 1

Business Engagement

We’ll work with you to identify and overcome any obstacles standing between your company and a fast, reliable fiber network

Step 2

Network Design and Costing

We own our construction company, so we can build at cost and provide flexible payment options that keep fiber cost-effective.

Step 3

Network Rollout

We manage construction and operation in-house to provide you with ongoing support that improves your business operations.

Would you like to learn more about our simple, streamlined process for bringing high-speed fiber to your company?
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Connecting Rural Canada

We were under pressure to deliver within tight timelines in order to get a backbone project completed in the city of Grande Prairie. Canadian Fiber Optics exceeded our expectations. They not only finished well within the agreed upon timeline but did it in ‘style’. Their professionalism and structured approach is refreshing. Their work gives us comfort and confidence that will see us call on them again, especially on time sensitive projects.

Kobus de Jager, CEO, GP Networks

Canadian Fiber Optics did what they said they would do. Their contract terms were clear and they delivered slightly ahead of schedule and right on budget, we’ll use them again.

Mark Halwa, CEO, PodTech Innovation Inc.

Stay Connected,
Stay Competitive

If you want to stay competitive, you have to stay connected. And that means you need a reliable fiber network.

We’re currently compiling a case study to examine why Canada’s rural industries are moving from wireless networks to fiber technology. Sign up below to receive early access to that case study upon completion!

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