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Your Community Is Worth Connecting

Big telcos may not see rural communities as worth connecting, but we disagree. Rural Canada is home to tight-knit communities, excellent schools, and key industries that boost our economy. Your community deserves to survive, thrive, and compete economically, which means you deserve access to fiber networks that power the future.

Attract Businesses and
Drive Economic Development

Expand Access to Healthcare,
Education, and Employment

Keep and Attract Residents
for a Dependable Rural Tax Base

Introducing Northern Lights Fiber

We believe everyone deserves access to fast, reliable internet, no matter where they live. Northern Lights Fiber is our way of providing exactly that. Under the Northern Lights Fiber brand, we build, operate, and service high-speed fiber networks in rural Canadian communities.

By launching unique microsites for each new community we enter, we provide clear communication and better customer service to every resident and business owner we connect.

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A Better Solution for a Better Future

We believe rural Canada deserves better than the slow, unreliable connection many wireless networks provide.
That’s why we design, build, and operate fiber networks in the communities that need it most.

✓ Fiber Technology – Fiber is known as future-proof technology for a reason. It’s fast, free of data caps, and will provide reliable connectivity for decades to come.

✓ Faster Progress – Our flexible funding models require less government funding so we can move faster to connect communities.

✓ Rural Expertise – We own and operate fiber networks in the rural agricultural communities and hard, Rocky Mountain terrain other service providers avoid.

Affordable High-Speed Internet for All

We believe all Canadians deserve access to lightning-fast, reliable fiber internet.

Speeds starting at

100 Mbps

for as little as


✓ No Data Caps

✓ Includes cutting-edge Wi-Fi coverage

✓ Managed Wi-Fi and network control app available

✓ Featuring Wi-Fi 6 technology produced solely by Canadian and North American Vendors

Invite Northern Lights Fiber to Your Community

Our 3-step process is designed to light up your community faster and with fewer government dollars.

Step 1

Community Collaboration

We collaborate with community leaders to plan financially viable networks that require little to no fundraising or government funding.

Step 2

Network Design

We specialize in creative network designs that connect everyone, even in rocky, rural, and otherwise challenging terrains.

Step 3

Network Rollout

We manage construction and operation in-house to provide you with the best possible customer service every step of the way.

Would you like Northern Lights Fiber to connect your community?
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Connecting Rural Canada

We were under pressure to deliver within tight timelines in order to get a backbone project completed in the city of Grande Prairie. Canadian Fiber Optics exceeded our expectations. They not only finished well within the agreed upon timeline but did it in ‘style’. Their professionalism and structured approach is refreshing. Their work gives us comfort and confidence that will see us call on them again, especially on time sensitive projects.

Kobus de Jager, CEO, GP Networks

Canadian Fiber Optics did what they said they would do. Their contract terms were clear and they delivered slightly ahead of schedule and right on budget, we’ll use them again.

Mark Halwa, CEO, PodTech Innovation Inc.

The Future Your Community Deserves

Rural communities already have a lot to offer. Add in fast, reliable fiber internet, and yours could be unstoppable.

We’re currently compiling a community case study to demonstrate the possibilities. Sign up below to receive early access to that case study upon completion!

    We believe rural Canada deserves better than the slow, unreliable connection many wireless networks provide.
    That’s why we design, build, and operate fiber networks in the communities that need it most.

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