Technical Marketer/ Web Developer

Why Fiber?

Canadian Fiber Optics has been on a mission for several years to permanently close Canada’s digital divide. We believe that building fiber optics is more than just a business or a part of a larger industry – it’s empowering Canadians across our country to harness their potential through rich connections and a world-class network. As our passion is worn on our sleeve and we’re looking for equally passionate professionals who believe in their ability to make a tangible, lasting difference in Canada’s many rural communities. If you believe that you are that type of person, then we want to hear from you.

Your Position

As our team grows and we expand to many new communities, we’re looking for a special individual to join our Sales & Marketing team. Our use of unique marketing approaches and online sales means we also carry a need for technical marketing skills. By joining the team, you would add a vital skillset of technical web development, digital marketing solutions, improving our online and digital presence as well as playing a key roll in developing new features to our sales process.

Desired Skillsets

WordPress backend/ other web dev platforms

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Video editing experience

Graphic design experience

Keen eye for design

Ability to prototype and develop web-based forms and pleasing UI/ UX

Comfortable working in highly collaborative spaces with a dynamic team

We Want to Hear From You

If you find this position interesting and want to learn more then send in your application now. We’re very excited to meet professionals who are driven to make a difference and we look forward to reading your resume and interviewing for this position.

This job is no longer accepting applications.
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