How important to your business is your data? What would happen if all those records, all that information was lost forever? The threats to data are many – from natural disaster to equipment failure to cybercrime – but the best prevention stands alone: online backup.

Can SMBs Use Free Online Backup?

There are plenty of options for free online storage, but they are limited in scale and functionality. Designed more for individuals than companies, they can’t provide true peace-of-mind protection for business owners.

Businesses that enjoy the high speeds of broadband provided by Canadian Fiber Optics can store data on a cloud.  Cloud data is further backed up by redundant power sources, multiple storage locations, and 7/24 cybersecurity provided by experts who must meet stringent standards to maintain their certifications.

If your small or medium-sized business is still backing up data on physical devices such as thumb and hard drives — or, worse yet, you’re not backing up at all — now is the time to explore the robust, secure, scalable cloud storage options available to you when using fiber backed broadband services by Canadian Fiber Optics.

Here are some more reasons why:

Natural Disaster

Flood, fire, wind, and rain can wreak havoc on any business, anywhere. Backing up data from one physical device to another only results in two vulnerable physical devices. Backing up data online takes that information offsite and out of danger.


There are regular news reports of bad actors taking revenge or simply taking data in attacks that cripple businesses, government agencies, and other organizations of all kinds through malware, spyware, and viruses. Particularly pernicious are ransomware attacks. Millions of dollars have been paid out – often tens of thousands of dollars at a time — by municipal governments, hospitals, and others whose systems have been taken hostage. Secure online backup can allow the targeted entity to completely wipe infected hardware and restore it to the last good version.

Versioning, Synching, and Sharing

Online data backup has become sophisticated enough to save sequential copies of your data. That’s really helpful for people who work with regularly updated files and suddenly find they need to recover something they mistakenly wrote over or deleted.

Accessing the same file with different devices can allow you to take advantage of the best uses of each of those pieces of technology: think the mobility of a smartphone, the screen size and full keyboard ease of a laptop or desktop, or the presentation prowess of a tablet. Cloud-based synchronization makes that seamless.

Peace of Mind

Whether you automatically back up your data in real time, at the end of the business day, or choose when to push the storage button each time, the end result is a feeling of security knowing your valuable data — the lifeline of many an enterprise small or large — is indeed secure. How much is peace of mind worth to you and your business?

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