Internet in Grovedale

Like we have in other communities around Grovedale, we want to connect your homes, farms and acreages around in (and around) Grovedale.
Knowing that fast and reliable internet is required to succeed in an increasingly digital economy, the Grovedale Region is at a severe disadvantage. But the sparse population and long distances will require us to work together to accomplish the goal of connecting your community in a timely matter.
Fiber optic infrastructure will future proof your property and (once and for all) bridge the digital divide that exists between rural and urban Albertans. We believe this is a prudent investment for every property to make in the region.
We are collecting interest to see exactly where interest exists. If there’s enough interest amongst neighbors and friends, it’s possible that new fiber optic infrastructure can be built in the coming months!
Building fiber to your rural location IS possible, but we need to understand exactly who is interested. So please share with everyone around you! And together, lets make Grovedale the best connected region in rural Canada!

    Rural properties have a higher construction and connection cost. But to access the same services and pricing as we're offering in in other rural Alberta communities, what connection/installation fee would you pay to connect your rural property to world-class fiber infrastructure?

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