What is a Fiber Access Request?

A Fiber Access Request (FAR) gives us permission to build fiber optic internet lines to your home – with NO obligation to take our services after the network construction is completed to your home.  However, once you have fiber lines built through Northern Lights Fiber you can sign up anytime and access reliable, high-performance Fiber Internet!

You’ll be ready to:

  • Upgrade entertainment access, experiences and options with streaming TV technologies
  • Enhance home automation like security cameras, lighting controls, thermostat controls and more
  • Access Internet Healthcare services
  • Bolster safety and security measures for children in your home
  • Foster social connectivity to the community
  • It even helps Boost your home/property value and desirability.

Above is an example of the equipment, if you take service,  that will be installed on your home – typically next to where electrical service is located.

Take Advantage of Free Construction and Free Installation

If you’re not ready to sign up for service now, we recommend you submit a Fiber Access Request and get FREE fiber access built to your home – giving you the option to connect to our fiber internet service whenever you’re ready to sign up. If you do not sign up now and decide to get service later, your drop/ installation of services can take much longer to complete.

Signing an access agreement does not give you internet services, but ensures that you have access to this infrastructure when you want to sign up for high-speed internet in your home.

Submit Your Request Today!