Benefits of Fiber Infrastructure

Northern Lights Fiber and Canadian Fiber Optics is a local internet services provider (ISP) dedicated to bridging the Digital Divide in your community, and our fiber-optic network plays a pivotal role in this endeavor. Beyond offering lightning-fast internet speeds, fiber-based internet brings a wealth of benefits to your home like:

  • Future-proofs access to state-of-the-art technologies
  • Upgrades entertainment access, experiences and options with streaming TV technologies
  • Boosts you home/property value
  • Enhances home automation like security cameras, lighting controls, thermostat controls and more

Bringing fiber to your home isn’t just for the technology savvy – it’s for everyone. And for homeowners contemplating aging in place, fiber-optic internet can become a family decision for:

  • Properly accessing Internet Healthcare services
  • Bolstering safety and security measures
  • Fostering social connectivity; and
  • Creating a fun and new platform for entertainment.
Take Advantage of Free Construction and Free Installation

As we build our network, we would like for you to complete this access agreement which allows us to install fiber optic internet service directly to your home – for free – regardless of whether you are ready to subscribe to our monthly services or not. By waiting to sign an access agreement until a later date, you risk missing free construction and free installation.

Secure your free future install now!

Signing an access agreement does not give you internet services, but ensures that you have access to this infrastructure when you want to sign up for high-speed internet in your home.

To, sign up for internet services, click HERE, or reach out to Northern Lights Fiber at 1-888-236-2947.