Board of Directors

Wade Bloomer Co-Founder of Canadian Fiber Optics and Director on the Board, serial Entrepreneur originally from Winnipeg but spend most of his life building businesses in Grande Prairie area and now lives in the Okanagan Valley. He and his wife Debbie owned, operated and grew oil change businesses and laser car washes, owned gravel pits, developed residential real estate and developed a large commercial shopping center. Interesting fact, he also sold satellites to the oil and gas sector in the 80’s and 90’s. You may recognize the name, he is Jodi’s Father. Many of you will recognize him as he has been to the office many times.



Michael Binnion is the President and founding shareholder of Questerre Energy, a public oil and gas production company operating in Quebec. Questerre and its predecessor Terrenex have been pioneers in natural gas exploration in Quebec for the last twenty years. They are currently working on their social license to commercialize the Utica shale gas discovery in the Lowlands. Mr. Binnion is a seasoned entrepreneur with a history of starting, financing and managing companies, primarily in the oil and gas sector. Mr. Binnion is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce from the University of Alberta.





Martin Travers Director on Canadian Fiber Optics Board, Mr. Travers is retired from Black & Veatch Corporation where during his 43-year tenure he was an Executive Member of the Black & Veatch Board of Directors with responsibility for the Establishment, Expansion and Elevation of the company’s brand across the critical human infrastructure market. In addition, served Black & Veatch in a variety of roles including Business Unit President and Group President of the Telecommunications, Management Consulting, Data Centers, Federal and Environmental business units. Mr. Travers lives in Kansas and visits his beautiful grandchildren in New York often.



Christopher Frauenberger  Director of Asset Management at Tikehau Star Infra. Christopher launched his professional life in civil engineering, working in the transportation departments of large global engineering and architectural firms, before joining Tikehau Star Infra’s Asset Management team. Christopher lives in Pennsylvania with his wife and two children.




Jahred Kallop  Director on the Canadian Fiber Optics Board and Executive Director of Investments as Tikehau Star Infra. Jahred brings significant experience in deal structuring and project financing across various key sectors. Jahred spend several years in the private equity, investment and consulting industries before joining Tikehau Star Infra. Jahred is from New Jersey and lives in New York with his wife and cute dog.





Executive Leadership

Arjen Kaput is a Co-Founder and the current CEO at Canadian Fiber Optics Corp. He dedicates his efforts attending to issues  of strategic importance, enhancing the strengths of the CFOC team and nurturing internal and external relationships. A seasoned entrepreneur, Arjen has established several successful businesses in the telecom, real-estate and healthcare industries along with a family based private equity venture.  These achievements highlight his versatility and knack for identifying and capitalizing on lucrative opportunities across various sectors.

Jodi Bloomer-Kaput, is a Co-Founder and serves as the President of all project development, business development and construction related activity.  With several years of in-depth experience in telecommunications and infrastructure construction, Jodi has demonstrated expertise in her field. Over the last five years, her achievements include the successful completion of hundreds of kilometers of fiber infrastructure in Alberta and British Columbia and the development of a $40MM government project. Jodi’s leadership and experience have been vital in driving the success and growth of the group’s project development and construction endeavors.

Cameron Mitchell, serves as the Chief Financial Officer at CFOC. He brings a wealth of experience spanning 25 years in various aspects of corporate finance / investment and the execution of finance & admin functions. He is well-recognized for guiding companies in the telecommunications and energy services industries from early stages of development through to various stages of establishment and scale, particularly in regard to the strategic, operational and financial themes required to successfully capitalize and fund development and operations at each stage of growth.

Investment Partner

Tikehau Star Infra, previously known as Star America, a subsidiary of Tikehau Capital, a global alternative asset management group, is a U.S. headquartered developer and manager of infrastructure assets in North America.

With an investor base that includes large institutional investors such as insurance companies and pension funds, Tikehau Star Infra has access to hundreds of millions in capital.

Our focus is primarily delivering infrastructure projects across the transportation, social, environmental and telecommunications sectors. As the primary investor in Northern Lights Fiber, Tikehau holds a controlling interest in the development of fiber infrastructure across Alberta.

Leveraging decades of collective experience in design, construction and finance, our team is well positioned to strive to achieve strong results for our clients, partners and investors.