We are working with the Athabasca County Tourism and Economic Development (TED) committee to better understand the region’s current internet availability and speed. As such, we are hoping that you will take a couple of minutes to run a speed test and fill in the information below. A summary of this information will be shared with the TED committee and will help determine the next steps to get better high-speed internet access to the Athabasca Region.


Internet speeds and reliability matter

Did you know that internet speeds offered to Alberta cities are up to 30x faster than those offered in Athabasca Region? And as you move into rural centers across Athabasca County, speeds can be even 300x slower!

Knowing that faster internet speeds are required to succeed in an increasingly digital economy, Athabasca Region is at a severe disadvantage. The need for fast and reliable internet will not go away, and demand is only increasing. We believe communities and regions like yours deserve equal access to the economic and social benefits of fast and reliable internet. And unlike other companies, we focus only on connecting rural Canadian’s with high-speed fiber networks.

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