Market Solutions

At Canadian Fiber Optics, we offer turnkey solutions to markets across Western Canada including oil and gas, agriculture, carrier, and municipalities. Having our own construction crew gives us the ability to construct fibre lines to the most remote locations, allowing multiple sites to connect with head-office and use communications systems such as VoIP, video conferencing, SSCADA, security software, that pair with other cloud based services.

The agricultural sector is evolving. The operational requirements of farms have advanced significantly over the past decade. Farmers are now looking to smart technology systems such as business intelligence to enhance their production. The aim of the agricultural sector is to optimize processes, and maintain efficient use of resources and existing arable land. The Internet of Things can enable all that, increasing production, while also increasing the level of quality.

With no data caps on services, operational efficiency can be maximized while costs are minimized. In our experience, using a fibre network and leveraging unified IP communications can translate into 30-40% savings and provide service levels beyond those that can be achieved through traditional copper landlines.


  • Fiber connection to your farm or to a tower

In order to stay competitive in today’s business environment, constant connectivity, and high-speed performance are essential backbones to your success. We use dedicated fibre pairs so you can apply high priority applications including unified communications, disaster recovery, data backup, and environment monitoring. This allows all applications that are used in your head-office to be used seamlessly in the field.

We offer symmetrical and low latency service, which allows for data transfer currently unavailable in remote locations.


  • Fiber or wireless connection
  • SDWAN services across Alberta

We operate a robust, facilities-based network in Alberta featuring a unique set of fiber assets by leveraging our local, global reach and wholesale expertise.

With our dedicated fiber construction company and expertise, we offer highly flexible solutions, quote and deliver services quickly, and adapt to your changing business needs.

Our networks are built on 100% fiber backbone engineered to support multiple 100Gbps of symmetrical bandwidth. With multiple paths to bypass outages, backed by defined service level agreements, we can ensure constant connectivity and ultimate performance.


  • Dark fiber IRU and Layer 1 network transport services to Telcos and wholesalers
  • Access to key points in Alberta that are missed by current Telcos due to the remote nature of the community

Dark fiber has become a critical infrastructure for any community – from rural hamlets to major metropolitan centres. We work with municipalities in collaboration with telecom engineering, design firms and carriers to create and fully leverage m municipal dark fiber networks.  These municipal fiber networks are used to enable smart city applications, provide high-speed Internet for people who wouldn’t otherwise have access to it, and enable the rollout of next generation 4G/5G telecom networks throughout a community.

We use best practices in the design and deployment of dark fiber infrastructure. We are experts at creating financially flexible and creative solutions to meet a municipality’s policy objectives while enabling critical telecom, Internet and municipal applications. With our assistance, a municipality may leverage its fiber infrastructure to serve as the back-bone to future fibre-to-the-premise implementations or to attract national telecoms to build out 5G networks in its communities.

Contact us to explore how this critical fibre infrastructure may be created in your community.


  • Dark fiber
  • Lit services
  • Fiber-to-the-home

We use traditional communications fiber to create a pipeline monitoring solution that detects, locates and classifies multiple threats in real time, along the full extent of any pipeline, thus mitigating the threat of leaks, damage, and theft.

We engineer synergistic communications to leverage the pipeline monitoring technology to provide connectivity to remote communities left behind by traditional telecommunications providers. in doing, so we can help change the narrative of a pipeline coming to a community to also include an economic and social sustainability component.

We bring social benefit to any pipeline by bringing high-speed Internet to communities along the pipeline path. Our pipeline clients go to great lengths to transport oil and gas to the market safely and reliably, and can now add 'socially responsible' to the benefits of a pipeline project.


  • Fiber as a sensor - leak and intrusion detection
  • Telecommunications fiber