The internet connectivity your residents, businesses and employees need

Whether for working remotely at home or coffee shops, watching movies and playing online games, connecting with medical professionals through online portal, accessing online education platforms or storing business data and software in the cloud, it’s time for members of your community to get the best internet connectivity available.

Fiber networks can instantly connect residents with services they have been missing out on like super fast high speed internet. We believe no matter whether they live in the city or rural Canada every Canadian should have equal access to connectivity and opportunities.

Contact us to start the conversation on how fiber infrastructure can be built in your community to connect your residents and businesses to the fastest internet in Western Canada.


How Fiber Networks can Advance your Community

Job Creation

By connecting your municipality or county to a fiber network, you will keep businesses in your community and be able to attract new businesses to the community. Businesses can access new markets and scale their growth, while residents can access remote working opportunities from around the world.

Expanded Access

Especially for historically underserved areas, fiber networks will provide world-class broadband to places that have long been ignored by traditional providers. Municipal/County fiber networks drive fiber connections further into the community and support enhanced wireless services where fiber is not feasible.

Enhanced Education

Whether for online public schools, college classes, advanced certification courses, or online coaching for adult learners, fast internet and video services will provide educational opportunities that were not previously accessible.

Increased Tax Revenue

It has been demonstrated that large and small businesses will make investment and location decisions based on a region’s access to high-speed internet. Keeping and attracting businesses to your community will expand your tax base enabling further investments back into the community.

We are here to serve you

At Canadian Fiber Optics, we work with towns, hamlets municipalities, counties and municipal districts to build fiber ecosystems. Typically, this work starts with ensuring there is adequate fiber backbone and bandwidth available to serve the needs of the community. From there, the objective is to push fiber further into the community and ultimately connect all homes and businesses. This fiber infrastructure also enables enhanced wireless solutions to those parts of the community where the fiber has not yet reached. Contact us to start the conversation on how this fiber infrastructure can be built in your community and how your community can benefit from working with a partner who truly cares about connecting rural Canadians.


We were under pressure to deliver within tight timelines in order to get a backbone project completed in the city of Grande Prairie. Canadian Fiber Optics exceeded our expectations. They not only finished well within the agreed upon timeline but did it in ‘style’. Their professionalism and structured approach is refreshing. Their work gives us comfort and confidence that will see us call on them again, especially on time sensitive projects.

Kobus de Jager, CEO, GP Networks

Canadian Fiber Optics did what they said they would do. Their contract terms were clear and they delivered slightly ahead of schedule and right on budget, we’ll use them again.

Mark Halwa, CEO, PodTech Innovation Inc.

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