5 Facts About Fiber

1. There are two different types of fiber.

Multimode and single mode are the two different types of glass fiber. Multimode is typically used for short-mid range communication while single mode is typically used in long range communication.

2. Fiber is not just for Internet and TV.

It is common to associate fiber optics exclusively with television and internet, but it has so many other incredible uses that we can benefit from. These include but are not limited to, fiber optic sensing, Telehealth, community data collection and enhancing industrial and manufacturing processes.

3. Fiber is less affected by weather conditions.

The primary reason that fiber isn’t as affected by weather is because Fiber carries information through glass and not through electricity. The weather conditions that typically affect electrical signals won’t phase fiber networks in the same way and therefore drastically reduces network maintenance cost.

4. Fiber is typically made from Silicon Dioxide.

The main material used for fiber optics is silicon dioxide, which happens to be a very bountiful resource as it is the most readily available compound on earth after oxygen. There is no lack of abundance with this material which is another reason that fiber optic cable is the best choice.

5. Fiber was invented by multiple people.

There is a lot of contradictions regarding when fiber was officially invented. Although there were incredible discoveries made as early as the 1880s, the profound advancements to fiber optic cable came decades later in the 1930s-1960s. There are a few founding fathers of fiber optics, but in my opinion not one individual can take full credit for this invention. To read more about the founding fathers of fiber optics, check out our blog post “ The Founding Fathers of Fiber Optics”